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The Mission Nutrition escape game aims to introduce players to key concepts about balanced and healthy diets, increasing both knowledge and interest in nutrition. Game-based teaching is a great way to support learning material and engage students with

active puzzles, cyphers, and riddles.

The educational escape game Mission Nutrition teaches adolescents about nutrition science, balanced eating habits, and healthy physical activity in a game setting that also develops team-building and critical thinking skills in a fun and exciting way. The game Mission Nutrition is based 500 years into the future, where humans have left plant earth and have become successful space explorers. In the midst of relocating and inhabiting new realms in our solar system, important information about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle was lost and muddled with false claims. Read more about the game’s backstory here.

During Mission Nutrition the team will learn about food groups, nutrients, labels, serving sizes, and recommendations for eating and physical activity habits. Together, they must complete all puzzles to be able to succeed in the mission and help save humankind.

The portable, easy to assemble educational escape game is designed to easily accommodate country-specific recommendations, and currently English, Finnish and Polish versions exist. The game is intended for young adolescents 11 years and older, as well as adult players and it is fit for classrooms as well as educational events and exhibits alike. A team of 3-5 players should be able to complete the game within 1 hour. However, by removing or extending the 1-hour time limit,

the game can be played alone or with just one friend

All the instructions for the game operator are included in the detailed user manual, including the beginning introduction to set the scene and specific hints for every puzzle should the players ask for help or get stuck for more than 10 minutes on one puzzle.

Spice up your lesson with an educational escape game from Games of Food! To trial Mission Nutrition or our other escape game, Zombie Attack, in your school, exhibition, or event contact the Games of Foods consortium here.


This activity has received funding from EIT Food, the innovation community on Food of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU, under the Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programmed for Research and Innovation. Grant Agreement no: 19040

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