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About The Project

The Games of Food project aims to increase knowledge and awareness of balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle through the design and application of escape games. We deliver a conceptual model and practical examples of generating informative and exciting escape games on food quality, nutrition, and health.

The project provides a platform for conveying educational, social, and environmental messages, playing a central role in education about smart food choices, fighting obesity and other food-related diseases. The games engage people of all ages and nationalities in solving food-related puzzles and riddles while learning about innovations that underpin a healthy and balanced diet.

Hundreds of players have already experienced our first game Zombie Attack! Adults and children alike have learnt about nutritional and sustainable protein choices while escaping the zombies.


Coming soon

Our next game, Mission Nutrition, is a space odyssey with the objective to in a fun way teach kids about healthy eating habits and a balanced diet.

Are you interested in more information on how you can access the games?

On the contacts page you can reach out to the team, we are happy to answer any question!

Also, follow the project hashtag #GamesofFood on Twitter for the latest updates!


This activity has received funding from EIT Food, the innovation community on Food of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU, under the Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programmed for Research and Innovation. Grant Agreement no: 19040

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